Dower Right (配偶居住權)

December 19, 2012

Photo Credit: Flickr user @mihaibojin used under CC 2.0 license

當您想賣您的物業或將物業抵押,而您是產權上唯一的人,您需要在Transfer of Land(轉讓土地)或Mortgage documents(按揭文件)上聲明您的婚姻狀況。您只能申報以下兩種之一:



如果您不屬於以上兩種之一,您便需要Spousal Consent(配偶的同意)。

亞省的Dower Act(配偶居住權利法)給予配偶在有生之年有權利在家裡居住。如果您想出售物業或將物業抵押,必須得到配偶voluntarily consent(自願同意)。

如果您與配偶已經separated(分居),但在法律上仍未正式離婚,無論您是分居了10個月還是10年,或您的配偶並不住在家裡,您還是需要Spousal Consent(配偶的同意)。


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Dower Right

December 19, 2012

Photo Credit: Flickr user @mihaibojin used under CC 2.0 license

When you are selling your home or financing your home and you are the only person on title, you need to declare your marital status on the Transfer of Land or on the mortgage document. You can only declare  one of the following:

(1) you are not married, or

(2) neither you nor your spouse has ever lived in the property within your marriage.

If you do not fall within either categories, a Spousal Consent is required.

The Dower Act in Alberta grants your spouse a life interest in the martial home which means your spouse has the right to live in the home during his or her lifetime. In order to sell or finance your material home, your spouse must voluntarily consent to the disposal or financing of the martial home.

If you are separated from your spouse but not legally divorced (it doesn’t matter whether you are separated for 10 months or 10 years, or your spouse doesn’t live in the home), a spousal consent is still required.

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