Title Insurance (產權保險)

November 25, 2012


產權保險得到大多數加拿大主要銀行和金融機構接受。在住宅房地產交易中,產權保險不是必要的。但一些銀行或金融機構可能以產權保險作為conditions for funding(貸款條件)之一。在某些情況下,產權保險可用來代替Surveyor’s Real Property Report (測量師房地產報告)或Estoppel Certificate(禁止反言證書)。如果買家有用Power of Attorney(授權委託書)買住宅物業、或購買的物業價值超過銀行和金融機構指定的一定金額,買家亦會被要求購買產權保險。


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Title Insurance

November 25, 2012

For a one-time title insurance premium, title insurance company will insure future losses due to defects of title or other events affecting the property that happened before the policy was issued. Title insurance can insure against loss to either the owner of the property, the mortgage lender, or both.

Title insurance is acceptable by most major banks and financial institutions in Canada. Title insurance is not mandatory in all residential real estate transactions. However, some banks or financial institutions may require title insurance as one of the conditions for funding. In some cases, title insurance can be used in lieu of Real Property Report or Estoppel Certificate. Some major banks also require title insurance in cases where a Power of Attorney is used for the purchase of residential properties or if the value of the purchase price is over a certain amount as specified by the banks and financial institutions.

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